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Real Estate Appraisals Help Make Financial Planning Easier

Appraisals done for financial planning and trusts require a lot of focus, attention and expertise. Always enlist the services of a certified real estate appraiser to estimate the fair market value of your properties. The financial planning and trust appraisal should be in the form of a well-supported, professional, appraisal report. State and Federal laws require that the Appraiser and the appraisal process be independent from any influence, coercion or undue pressure. This allows the Appraiser to remain an independent third-party.

Why a Financial Planning and Trust Appraisal May Be Necessary

Estate/Financial Planning (laying the foundation for the future)

Settlement of an estate upon the death of the owner

Gift tax

Establishing a basis for Capital Gains

Develop tax strategies

Guardianship or conservatorship

Secure appropriate insurance coverage

Planning For Retirement

To plan properly for retirement, you need to know the value of your portfolio. Real estate often represents a client’s largest assets. No matter the size of your portfolio, a financial planning and trust appraisal can help you feel confident about your choices and your future.We stand out among other firms and have been a backbone in providing appraisals in South Florida. Call us with any questions.

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