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Pre-Listing Appraisals, FSBO’s And Pre-Purchases

Both Realtors And Homeowners Benefit:  Why?

Homeowners and realtors are faced with the task of making sense of tons of market data from online sources like Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia as well as alot of second-hand information to determine their property’s true value.

It’s common for realtors and homeowners to utilize professional appraisers to assist with establishing a list price for the sale of their home or property.  Watermark has an extensive history of assisting realtors and homeowners wanting to sell their property in the South Florida market.

By providing you with a realistic, fact based, market supported appraisal you will have the necessary information to determine an accurate value for your property that typically exceeds a computer generated Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).


Pre-Listing Appraisal Benefits

Maximize Sales Price

Avoid leaving money on the table because you under estimated the true value of your property and listed it too low.

Avoid Buyer Financing Issues

Most sales involve the buyer obtaining financing. Obtain an appraisal that can be given to buyer’s lender that will support your contract price and be used to challenge a future appraisal on your home by the buyer’s lender should buyer obtain a faulty appraisal. All parties will be put on notice that your purchase price is supported by a professional local and respected firm.

Saves Time

Overpriced homes are difficult to sell, resulting in extended marketing periods and wasted effort.  An underpriced home can result in you losing money.  A professional appraisal can help you avoid both potential issues.

Credible Response To A "Low Ball" Offer

When a buyer decides they want to offer a price that is well below market value the seller’s appraisal can provide proof to the buyer that validates the asking price.

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